PreFab is a series of workshops that will be running from 12th to 14th September. Workshop providers are generously giving their time for free, which allows us to use the small fees we are charging to help fund the FabLab Brighton project.

Ideas / Inspiration / Making Stuff!

Come and get a taste for the kinds of things you can create, invent and make when the FabLab Brighton space opens at Rodhus Creative Studios, on Hollingdean Rd.

Who’s it for?

Whether you make and create on a regular basis, or if you have never even thought about picking up a tool or laptop, we think that PreFab will have something for everyone –  from 3D design demos to hands-on chairmaking, from art in different media to electronic wizardry!

Find out more

See below where you can find details of all the workshops and can book a session or two!