If you haven’t heard of a FabLab (fabrication laboratory) yet, it’s a place where you can make (almost) anything! It’s a workshop fabrication space containing electronics and manufacturing equipment like 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters. FabLabs provide widespread access to modern means for invention.

The concept of a Fab Lab was founded by MIT in 2005. Since then they have been growing fast around the world, with 60 now in existence in varying locations from small communities in Africa, through to inner cities in the US.

The collaborative Fab Lab network integrates users around the world with common tools and platforms to facilitate the exchange of ideas and designs. The worldwide network is comprised of educational, research, public sector and business institutions.


FabLab Brighton will be accessible to all in the community, from school kids through to Uni students, inventors, businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs –empowering them to turn their concepts and ideas into reality.

FabLab customers range from designers, architects, creatives, jewellers, manufacturers, inventors, students to school children. It is ideal for anyone that wants to create something unique, no matter how big or small. We believe Brighton is bustling with potential users!


The first FabLab in the UK, was opened in Manchester, and the second in Airedale. We believe Brighton is the perfect city to host another, and join the ever growing FabLab network.

We have already got the perfect location for a FabLab – Rodhus Creative Studios, on Hollingdean Rd, Brighton was until recently an electrical lighting factory. It has now been transformed into a series of artist and designer studios, gallery, showroom, design library and office space. Rodhus is the ideal place to house a FabLab as it has both the space and physical requirements needed. It is very close to both Universities and the city centre, making it an ideal spot.


Our next steps are to gather interest in the project and build a membership. Do you think it’s a good idea? Could Brighton benefit from this? Would you use it or know people that would? What would you make? All your comments are gratefully received.

We have our first machine donated to us by Ringmer Community College, along with a number of workbenches and other equipment donated by Human Workspaces, and we’re very grateful to both of them. We want to kit out the FabLab as soon as possible, so if you or anyone you know can help us do that, please get in touch.

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